IMPORTANT REMINDERS for Owners/Residents & Golf Club Members

Everything in the Greater Imperial Board Access Control computer system stems from residents/owners and Golf Club Members telephone number/s registered with Compass Rose Management (239)309-0622.

Voice Call In
When you call the voice server (239-597-2005) it is an automated line and recognizes your phone number. If it does not, then you have not registered that number and will be asked for your activation code which can be obtained from Compass Rose Management (239)309-0622. The gatehouse officers do not take calls from residents for admittance of guests or vendors. If you are having a large group, you may fax a list in alphabetical order by LAST name to (239-597-1069) or deliver it to the gatehouse officer. There is no admittance into the gatehouse, so please stay in your vehicle and use the guest lane should you wish to speak to an officer.

If you are accepting a delivery or contractor to a neighbor’s home you would have to be sure that they know YOUR name since you would be calling from your phone number. If the vendor gives the address or name of your neighbor, they would not be listed under that address and would be denied entry.

You have several choices in length of time for guest admittance; 1, 3, 7 or 30 days. If you cannot call on the day of admittance the following example will apply: If today is Saturday, and you want to call in someone for Monday, you would need to use the 3 day pass, or it will drop out of the system before Monday using a 1 day pass. All of the gate access is automated and since it already ties your phone number, address and name, you do not have to say them. Keep your message as short as possible Example “Richard Smith” or “ ABC Air Conditioning” “Monday,” Do not leave messages as the line is all automated and just sends your message to the computer. You must keep your phone numbers up to date.

E-Mail authorization of Guest/Vendor
If you choose to use the email system it is This operates similar to the voice call in system; It knows who you are IF you have registered your email address with Compass Rose Management, (239) 309-0622. In the subject line put in the name of the guest or vendor i.e. "Subject: Richard Smith." Make the message as short as possible keeping it to a single line of type. Example " Richard Smith" or "ABC Air Conditioning, Monday."

Permanent Guest/Vendor List
It benefits everyone if you put people on your permanent list, such as Relatives, Frequent Friends, Health Care Workers, Pool Cleaner, Air Conditioning, Plumber, House watch, Landscaper, Pest Control, House Cleaner, Window Washer, Handyman, Computer person, Pizza, etc. Anyone that does work for you can be put on your permanent list. This helps you by not having to call or email them into the system if you forget and then the guard does not have to call you to allow entry.

Smart Pass-Resident Lane
If you have the old hard case smart passes that are wearing out, it may be possible to reprogram them at  Compass Rose Management (239)309-0622. If they are not able to reprogram them, you will need to purchase a new smart pass that will be adhered to your windshield. It is a requirement of the Greater Imperial Board that all smart passes be attached to your windshield by an employee of  Compass Rose Management (239)309-0622. . If you do not allow this, then you will not be sold a smart pass. The visitors’ lane will be your only access into Imperial.

Littering, Speeding, Left Turn Lane, Signs, etc.
Littering on Imperial Golf Course Blvd. is getting out of control. Please do not throw out your garbage or cans on the side of the road. The cost of cleaning this up is directly passed on to you in the monthly fee paid to the GIB from your association. Speeding and passing on Imperial Golf Course Blvd is prohibited. Speeding on the exit lane near the gate house is very dangerous for anyone standing or crossing to the gatehouse. The only recourse to end the speeding would be the installation of more speed bumps. The length of time on the left turn lane at 41 allows approximately 8 vehicles through each light. If the line of cars is not to the end of the island, please do not block the right hand lane for those people wishing to turn right.

All vendors/contractors must have a sign on their vehicle.